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January 2019|Mama Elephant IG Hop

Today I’m going to show you more about how I made my one layer scene card for Mama Elephants first Instagram hop. 

Whenever I start a one layer project I start off with a “sketch” made from the Misti grid paper – here I stamp my images in the approximate placement I want them. This means I can plan where I should place my stamps in my Misti tool, as well as which order I should stamp and mask them.

I hope you can see the general idea from the image below. 

My next step is to make all my masks – that way they’re ready when I need them, ultimately making the stamping faster. 

I generally tend to use tape made for masking, which means I can reuse it many times – here it’s green. 

However, if I know I will most likely not use them again soon, I just use post its. 

As you can see in the image below, a one layer card of this type does require a few masks. 
The image also includes a view of all the stamps I have used – all of them from Mama Elephant. 

Once I have all my masks ready, I start stamping my images a few at a time, using the planned order from the sketch.  Most of the time I will stamp a few cards at a time to make all the effort of making masks, planning etc. better spent. 

This time I made 2 cards, both very similar. To one of them I added brick walls, pretty easily done if you have a stencil to help you – either if you make your own or buy one. 

At this point the project look very much like coloring pages – and would be fun cards for kids so they can color them in themselves. 

However, if you love coloring just like I do, you have the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours coloring. 

For this project, I used Copics, but chose whatever you love best – no matter what you choose, the coloring will take a while, so might as well enjoy it as much as you can. 


  • Mama Elephant stamps:
    • Flying with Friends
    • Fly with Me
    • Swinging Borders
    • Merry Mantle
    • Party Animals
    • Little Elf Agenda
    • Little Agenda Frames
    • Lots of Letters
  • Neenah 80lb cardstock
  • Memento Tuxedo Black
  • Masking tape + post its


9 thoughts on “January 2019|Mama Elephant IG Hop

Add yours

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 Hope it can help inspire you
      It’s such an adorable stamp set – the elephants are some of my favorites from Mama Elephant


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your creating process, it’s very helpful…you’re so creative! Love this awesome card! -Grace


  2. Hi Mette – I just love this card! Thank you for posting information on how you plan out your scene and how the masking is done. It really helps me to understand how your masterpieces are produced. (I guess I did pretty good with your help on my heart shaped Christmas tags, but that was simple compared to this scene.). You are an awesome teacher!! Thank you again! I must study your color book images before I attempt to make this card. Hmm….thinking about it! You are such an inspiration!!!!


    1. Thank you so much Lianne! Always appreciate your support ❤
      And most of my cards are done with the same "toolbox" – and I know you have your masking skills ready now!
      All it really takes is a good bit of planning – and realising it doesn't have to be perfect every time. I have a few cards where I either messed up stamping, masking or placement – but that's why I stamp a few at a time 🙂 The others will most likely be coloring practice, or use the other side for other projects – luckily paper has two sides! 😀



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