3D Valentine’s Day Tag

I recently got the inside pop – Box of Fun die set from Mama Elephant, and anyone who has followed my Instagram for a while will know that I LOVE making tags, so I thought “Why not a 3D tag?” – And the inside pops are amazing for this! 

To make them keep standing on the gift I simply added a square to the bottom the same size as the bottom of the box using the tabs designed to glue them inside the card. 

And then I could decorate as I pleased – here I was hoping to make it look like a box that was shooting out lots of heart confetti.

I used the heart from the Box of Fun die set, Confetti and Lots of Hearts – as well as one of the tags from the Mini Tags set.
For most of them I used acetate strips to glue them inside the box, others were glued directly to the box. To make it into a tag I simply tied a gold string around one of the flaps in the bottom of the box. The tag was added by tying it around one of the strips inside the box.

The die set comes with 2 dies to cut the strips to hold the images inside the box – I used both and simply folded the shorter one in the middle to create a shorter version of the long one. 
To make the box seem as full as possible I added two layers of the strips, which allowed me to add more hearts.

I could see using this box for tags, place cards or table decorations for new year, Christmas, birthdays – basically whatever you can think of decorating them for! And how cute would it be to use the inside pop – Fence for Easter decorations?

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