Stamp Highlight | Stackable Friends

As soon as I saw that adorable cow in the Stackable Friends stamp set, I knew I wanted to make a farm themed card for my dad (who had a lot of animals when I was growing up), so I pulled out my Copic multiliner and started work on drawing a barn to go with it. 

Of course a single cow doesn’t make much of a birthday party, so he had to have some of his friends along with him!

I drew my background on a separate piece of paper, using the Snow Capped Mountains as a template to draw the mountains, and A LOT of time on getting the barn to look like I wanted it to, then it was simply a matter of adding in enough curvy lines to create fields and roads, and of course some little bushes. 

Then I used my background drawing in my stamp platform to place my Stackable Friends where I wanted them, and then I stamped them on a blank piece of cardstock. To add the background I used a light table . you might be able to create your own using your tablet or even a glass dish and your phone flashlight. 

Finally I had to all the coloring! This is actually quite fun, as it always reminds me of a coloring book (which I love). To add the sentiment, I gold heat embossed a sentiment from Scripty Bday.

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