Stamp Highlight | Happy Word Banners

Since the Happy Word Banners are just the right size to stretch across a giftcard, I wanted to use it to create a pocket on my card for just that.

I started by stamping the sentiment on a piece of white cardstock towards the bottom. I left enough space for most of the gift card to be hidden. Then I ink blended a blue-green background fading towards the bottom. Then I used a white gel pen to add little bubbles on the background – I even used a glitter gel pen to add som sparkles to some of the bubbles.

Then I used a craft knife to cut all the way along the banner string, creating a slit for the giftcard to go in. Then I used double sided tape around the edge of the card to add it to the card base, essentially making a pocket for the giftcard.

Then I stamped an elephant from Fly With Me and the mouse from Flying With Friends in a light ink and did some no line coloring. I added these to the card, making sure to glue all the little bits down, so they won’t get the gift card stuck. Also be careful using foam tape etc. to add images if you make a pocket like this, you don’t want them to be in the way of the card.

Supplies | Mama Elephant


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