Stamp Highlight | Little Witch Agenda

I really wanted to create a little scene using just the Little Witch Agenda images – because who could resist using all those tiny cats and pumpkins?!

But instead of adding the scene to a card, I thought it would be perfect for another little treat gift. 

I started by finding my Gift Pocket Tag dies and cut out the stitched rectangle from white cardstock and the main tag piece and two pocket pieces from kraft cardstock. While I had the white cardstock out, I also cut two hole reinforcers and added them to each side of the tag. 

On the white rectangle, I stamped the Little Witch Agenda images. So I wouldn’t need any masks, I was careful to place the images so they are not overlapping. I also added one of the sentiments from Happy Haunting. I colored all of the images and background in with my Copic markers, leaving the border beyond the stitch line white. I added this to the tag piece.

I also cut a thin strip of kraft cardstock, which I will use to add sides to the pocket pieces from Gift Pocket Tag, like a little box. Since the pockets have flaps, I simply folded the strip around the corners and cut off the excess at the top at both sides. Remember, you can adjust the size of your box simply by changing the width of the strip you use. Then I glued the little box to the tag piece and tied a ribbon through the top. 

If you want to turn it into more of a gift bag, you simply need to cut an extra tag piece and glue to the back, then you have a little basket of sorts, which you can tie together at the top. 

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