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Stamp Highlight | You Matter To Me

Seeing how beautiful the line art for the You Matter To Me flowers are, they are perfect for simple cards, as they can do so much more or less on their own, and I LOVE it! 

This time I’ve taken a different approach to keeping it simple – Using some powdered pigment and water to create a more arty look. 

I started by white heat embossing the flowers from You Matter To Me on some thick watercolor cardstock. When using this technique I typically use a larger piece of cardstock and then cut it down when I’m all done with it. 
Then I used some masking fluid to cover the sentiment, which makes it stay white during the next step. Make sure you let the masking fluid dry completely. 

Then I sprinkled on some turquoise pigment powders and sprayed it with water – the pigments I used have various colors within the same pigment, which gives the color variations. 
I used some paper towels to remove most of the excess color and water where it was pooling at the edges, but then otherwise let it air dry. 

When it was completely dry I gently removed the masking fluid, revealing the white letters. Then I used a silver watercolor to fill in the letters. If I hadn’t used the masking fluid, the silver watercolor would have re-activated a bit of the turquoise pigment, making it more of a blue-ish silver (I found out the annoying way). 

Then all I needed to do was cut down the watercolor cardstock to fit on an A2 card base and glue it down. 

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