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Stampede | February 2021

When I first saw the Lift Flap Grid Cover I knew I simply HAD to make my own little advent calendar with it. (And it’s never too early to get ready for Christmas, right?)  It’s basically a countdown to christmas, where you open one flap a day to reveal a small gift, such as chocolate or something else to enjoy. My family typically have LEGO Advent calendars with a few bricks a day to build one final project on the last day.

Here in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, so using two of the Lift Flap Grids works out perfectly – however, if you celebrate on the 25th and want that extra day added to your advent calendar, you can simply use the entire box as day 1, and then number the small compartments 2-25. 

If you don’t want to create boxes, you can do the same with a card and simply write little messages for each day instead of a small gift, or maybe a clue to where a gift is hidden! 

Instead of trying to explain how I assembled the advent calendar in writing, I tried to make a video showing how I did it – Please excuse any mistakes, especially since it’s my first real video and English isn’t my first language! 

As you can see in the video, I used an electronic cutting machine to cut out all my box pieces to make it faster. In the link at the bottom of the post, I have also included PDF versions of the files so you can print and cut them out by hand – Just make sure you’re very exact, as it’s very small margins I’m working with so the inner boxes fit inside. 

On the little squares from Slim Window Dressing I stamped a whole bunch of Little Agenda images – As you can see, I used the signs from Little Signage Agenda as gifts simply by drawing on some strings using a black marker. I also gave some of the little cuties tiny Santa hats using the little hat from Little Reindeer Agenda.

You could really decorate this as you like – I plan to add a ribbon around the outside but otherwise keep it pretty simple. It would be SUPER cute with a little scene or something on the outside of the box too, and if you’re giving it to someone you could even add a message on the back of it! 

Supplies | Mama Elephant


12 thoughts on “Stampede | February 2021

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  1. Using the lift-the-flap die for an advent calendar is a fabulous idea! I love all the little details and how you made the Little Agenda critters Christmassy by turning signs into packages and adding Santa hats or pops of red for festive color. The video was really helpful for seeing how the components all worked together — thanks for taking the extra time to put it together for us.


  2. Mette, you did a lot of work on this. It is really a good project and makes the Lift Flap Lid Creative Grid Creative Cuts have another use on top of making cards. Super Super Good Project. Thanks for taking the time to make the video to explain how you did it. Also thanks for the cut files. I bet a lot of crafters will be making your project.


  3. This is absolutely amazing! You are so clever and artistic. Thank your for sharing the video which I thoroughly enjoyed.



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