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Alphabet stamps are amazing because there are so many options for sentiments you can do with them. I really wanted to focus of my project to be on the letters – and not just as a sentiment, so I decided to create a small Christmas word search on my card. 

I started off by measuring the biggest letters in the set and then created a grid on printer paper with those measurements between each line. 
Since I knew I wanted it to fit on a standard 4 ¼ x 5 ½ inch card, my grid ended up being limited to 11 columns wide, and so it wouldn’t take up the entire card I decided on 9 rows. 

Using a pencil I wrote my letters in the grid. Since I wanted my main sentiment to be Merry Christmas I started by writing those words in the middle of row 6 and 7. Then it was just a matter of finding words that could fill out the rest of the area, and finally add extra letters in the empty spaces. To keep it fairly simple I stuck with words going vertically and horizontally – no diagonals or mirrored words. If you want to make the word search harder you could certainly do that. 

Then I cut down the piece of paper to a standard card size so I could use it as a template in my stamping platform.

I lined as many letters up in the grid as I could fit, then stamped as many card bases as I wanted, then reset the letters and added new ones in spaces I hadn’t stamped yet. I simply repeated this as many times as needed. 

If you want to add in the Merry Christmas in red, you might want to stamp those letters first to make it easy to keep track of what should be red and what should be black.

Finally I stamped and colored in the holly from Merry Christmas Wishes, then I cut it out and added it to the card using foam squares. 

I’ll include the words I used for my word search – I’m sure you can find them all on my card. 

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