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Stamp Highlight | Piñata Party

When I saw the Piñata Party Stamps and the Deep Etch BuildABanner Pennants, I immediately knew I had to make a spinner tag.

I started off cutting two banner pieces from blue cardstock, stamping a bunch of confetti on one of them using a light grey ink. 

To make the piñata spin, I needed two of them – one the original stamped image, and another made using the mirror image technique. This is done by stamping the image on a piece of plastic or other surface that can transfer the ink, and then press cardstock down on it. I cut off the stamped string pieces on the piñata and covered the remaining black lines with a white gel pen.

I also stamped the cute penguin, if you’d like, you could also make a mirror image of this, since it will be visible from the back. I simply used the matching die to cut it from the same blue cardstock. 

I also stamped a sentiment from Birthday Messages on some white cardstock and cut it out using the Sweet Feline strip die, trimming the length down, I also cut an extra piece of this for the back of the tag, since it will help secure the string of the spinner. 

Once I had all my pieces ready and colored,  I started assembling the spinner. 

Do this by gluing the two piñatas together with a piece of string going through the middle.  Then place the piñata in the oval opening of one of the tags and glue the strings to it, making sure it can spin comfortably, and add the last blue banner piece on top. 

Then glue the two penguin die cuts together and add them to the front of the tag, once again making sure the piñata can still spin around. Then add the sentiment to the front, making sure to add glue where the string is, and add the other strip to the back of the banner. 

I intend to write the to on the white strip on the back, leaving room on the blue banner for the from. 

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