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Stamp Highlight | Oh Puppy Tree

Totally in love with this puppy tree – and I don’t even like dogs that much! 
I love these big images, partially because they make one layer cards so easy (and they’re totally cute)

For my card today I did just that – a one layer scene! Like normal, I started off creating all my masks, which is only 6: The tennis ball, the Christmas socks, the fish bowl, small gift stack, and of course the puppy tree. Seven if you count the masking tape I used to mask off the frame. 

I always start my stamping off on a piece of scrap paper – this makes it easier to plan in which order the images should be stamped, and where they should be stamped.

For this card I stamped in 5 different “layers”, masking between each one. Remember, you only need to mask the images where you’re going to be stamping on top.

  1. The two balls, from Pretend Play and Little Elf Agenda. 
  2. The Puppy Tree, from Oh Puppy Tree.
  3. This is where it gets a bit complicated, feel free to split this step up, but all the images should fit in your stamp platform.
    1. Christmas tree from Cozy Christmas
    2. Train and car from Little Elf Agenda
    3. Gift stack and Elephant ornament from Oh Puppy Tree
    4. First sock from Merry Mantle
    5. Fish bowl from The Penguin’s Waddle
  4. The frame from Little Agenda Frames and the second sock.
  5. The fireplace from Merry Mantle and the Dog from Circle of Friends.

The rest of the scene I drew in with a Copic safe pen. To draw in the banner at the top, I created a template using the new Sentiment Flags. I drew in the bricks using one of my brick stencils. 

Then all that’s left to do is coloring it in and adding the sentiment from Oh Puppy Tree – or you could give it without coloring, letting the recipient color it in themselves.

Supplies | Mama Elephant



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